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Oh So Lovely

Bundle: Hexagon Hoodie & Kai Joggers

Bundle: Hexagon Hoodie & Kai Joggers

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It's that time of year where the leaves are starting to fall, and a chill has hit the air and all you want to do is make sure you are warm and cozy!! Well, we are here to help you stay warm in style with the Hexagon Hoodie. It is perfect for panels, and all the coords, or scrap busting, embroider it, or rock it solid. My testers have had so much fun showcasing all of the ways to play with their gorgeous fabrics and make something beautiful.... come and join us, and don't forget to share!

Comfy joggers, but cooler! With the Kai joggers break out all of your favorite coords, your embroidery machine and small panels... sky is seriously the limit to what you can create with these. Make them pant length, capri length, or short length. Use a special stitch in place topstitching and be prepared to make some for everyone!! The testers made so many amazing pair and we can't wait to see what you make!!



Formats available include: Letter, Projector, A4 (A0 file will soon be added and when it is you will receive an email prompting you to redownload if you have already purchased the file.)

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