All About Fabric Preorders

Preorders. Preorders. Preorders.
They're everywhere, but what's it even mean? If you're brand new to preordering fabric, the whole process can seem a bit confusing. But don't worry, we've got you covered here at Oh So Lovely. Fabrics offered for preorder will be available on our website for a limited period of time, typically referred to as a "round". These dates will be stated on the website and in the Facebook group. During that open period, you can choose your print and choose your base then place your order. Once your order has been placed and that round closes, we will submit all orders from the round to our printer.
      The printer will then print all orders and ship the fabric to us. At that point, we will inspect the fabrics and begin shipping out to customers. This process can take up to 8 weeks from the date the round closes (you may see the time from ordering to receiving fabric referred to as TAT, or turnaround time. See you're already learning the lingo). Plus another week or 2 to ship items out. While we understand that can feel like a long time, we believe you'll find our fabrics worth the wait!
      So, what's the benefit of preordering if I have to wait?? Good question. There is typically a slight discount on fabrics being preordered versus fabrics immediately available in retail. Who doesn't want to save a little cash? You also guarantee getting the base of your choice when you preorder. If you wait for retail, there's a chance your preferred base won't be available or will sell out quickly. Updates for each round will be posted in our Facebook group so you can always see where your order is in the process. Feel free to join the group and ask any questions along the way! We can't wait to see what you create on this journey with us!

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