Give Yourself a Break!

Give Yourself a Break!

You never owe anyone else an explanation on your situation! This is something we truly need to normalize amongst ourselves and our friends.

   No one knows everything that truly goes on behind closed doors, and nor should they. Sometimes the statement I'm tired simply just means that. How many conversations can you recall, where you just state, "i'm tired" and automatically people are just waiting for you to indulge more and if you don't they pry. First, how rude, second, please know that if someone truly cares they are going to keep you in their thoughts and prayers anyway and they will understand that sometimes you just need companionship and not to vent.

   Clothes fitting a little more tight or loose lately? Give yourself a break! So maybe you've skipped a few meals and dropped a few pounds because you have been pulling extra shifts for that upcoming vacation. Or maybe you have had the worst month and ice cream and cookies just seemed to make everything better. Rock that new body proudly because it yours and it does not define you, maybe just reflects your current situation. Yet, you are still the same person inside!

  Running a little behind on a bill or two? Give yourself a break! Maybe someone in the family got sick and you had to stay at home a few days and miss work or maybe you ran over a nail and the tire went flat and it needed to be replaced. Whatever the reason, take a few deep breaths and realize you are not alone! Different things occur and can change our normal activities and routines, and that's okay. You are not failing as a person just because of that, if anything I would say you are more human now so welcome to the club! From here we pick ourselves up and navigate through it. You've got this!

  Sometimes, just sometimes life throws us lemons, but I'm here to tell you that the best lemonade comes from lemons that have been softened up from their fall, they are just more juicy! So if no one else tells you or cheers you on... know that I am.  Keep pushing, keep smiling, oh and give yourself a break! 

  I pray strength over you and that you be filled with overwhelming joy! As always keep being Oh So Lovely!

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